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It's all about dealflow right?
WRONG! Identifying great startups takes work...a lot of it! Dealflow is just the first step.

We've accumulated years of deal experience from deploying $ MNs of capital. We operate investment teams in the US, Europe and Asia so we can scale our reach and expertise. does the heavy lift for you. We evaluate hundreds of companies each year and only share the ones that pass our diligence standards.

You get full diligence on every company and 100% freedom to build your own portfolio.

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Solo Angel Investing

  • Source your own dealflow
  • Limited deal access and diversification
  • No datarooms or diligence Dealflow

  • Deal sourcing and curation on autopilot
  • Better deal quality, stage access and diversification
  • Full diligence on every deal
  • 100% control: Invest only in the companies you want Infrastructure for Scaling Deal Sourcing and Due Diligence

Backing the most promising startups requires deal sourcing, accessing domain expertise, and due diligence at scale.

Technology only goes so far. At the heart of it, venture is about relationships, networks and access. We scale this by harnessing our 1300+ investor network and 200+ program alumni across the world.

Our investment committees in the US, Europe and Asia work around the clock to evaluate startups.

We publish only the best deals with complete diligence to investors, saving you time and energy. 

You're 100% in control. Build your dream startup portfolio today!

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"Angel School has built an amazing LP network and demonstrated the level of diligence, sourcing and deal positioning that makes the program so successful. It’s been a pleasure and rewarding experience to be part of this community."

Sunny Rao
(SVP Global Sales, Vonage)

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Building Angel Syndicates

How to build and scale your own Angel Syndicate: Lessons from a 2x seed to unicorn Angel Investor who built a 1300+ LP network

This FREE Angel Syndicate Building Guide will unlock your angel investing potential. We've taken pieces from our premium angel investor program to empower you at the start of your journey.