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We help emerging Angels build their own syndicates and scale capital.


Our playbook:
600+ LPs |
$4MN deployed | 100% organic

Angel investors play a crucial role in any startup ecosystem in finding great companies and deploying early stage capital. Syndicates are a way for them to scale up on capital deployment. Yet, most never do so because it can be pretty difficult.

Angel School's 10-week syndicate program teaches Angels how to build, run and scale their own syndicates. We'll give you all the tools and a roadmap to get your syndicate to critical mass and deploy $100k+ per deal.

This is entirely based on my own experience growing my syndicate from 0 to 600+ LPs deploying $4MN each year.

Our mission is simple: We empower investors to fund their own thesis & dealflow.

Learn our Playbook

- Build and scale your LP network

- Source, diligence and position deals

- Deal cycles, SPV creation and other mechanics

Program commitments

- Duration: 10 - 12 weeks.

- Weekly commitment: 2 hr live sessions + 3 hr prep

- 100% online

- Cohort start date: TBD

Real deal experience

- Investment Committee: You'll be invited to join my IC as an observer during the program

- Exceptional candidates will be offered a formal IC seat on completion


Apply for our next Cohort

What we look for:

  • Basic experience: You've invested in 3 or more venture deals directly or as part of a syndicate.

  • Crazy hustle: 90% of your success is execution. Come ready to execute & we'll give you the tools to be successful. 

  • Passion & commitent: It will take 6 months to get your LP network to critical mass. Do you want it enough to follow through?

City Center


Angel School invests in seed to A+ companies. We focus on Enterprise software, SaaS, Deep Tech and APIs.

We're restricted to US companies only (for now)



(Exit) Communication APIs with proprietary IP audio algorithms. Acquired by Dolby.io in 2019.



Turing's 'Talent Cloud' provides elite software engineers on demand to tech companies. The company went from seed to series B 14 months after launch. We've been invested since the seed stage.



Songclip is an API for music snippets to power social, dating, gaming and other applications. They have content rights from major music labels.



Alectio's develops 'data curation' technology that enables the training of machine learning models with vastly less data.



MuNurse.AI performs remote patient monitoring for US seniors and streamlines data feeds into a caregiver app. Their business model is completely funded by insurance.



Veamly is an integrated workflow app that helps developers stay in-flow and productive. They do this by integrating Slack, JIRA and other popular dev tools into a single interface.

Founders we stand behind

Jonathan Headshot.JPG

Jonathan Siddharth, CEO Turing

Jed brings with him a wealth of venture experience and an impressive network that is incredibly useful for anyone who works with him. He's been a massive support for Turing as we've scaled from seed stage to becoming ranked by Fast Company as one of 2021's 10 most innovative companies!

Angel School Team



Jed Ng

Built & ran the world's largest API Marketplace in partnership with A16Z-backed RapidAPI.

Angel investor since 2016 (1 exit, 1x centaur). Advisor @ Turing.com, Alectio.

I started Angel School because:

  1. Breaking into venture is HARD: Opportunity is limited and the risk of going it alone is high. I think Angel School is a better model.

  2. It takes a long time: It takes years of hands-on practice to acquire the skills. I want to accelerate your path.

  3. My playbook works: Syndicates give Angels leverage on capital, time and effort. Angel School syndicates have deployed $4MN in 15 months.

Interested in awesome Angel School dealflow?

Email me at jed@angelschool.vc or schedule a call.