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We help you along your venture journey from 1st startup investment to leading your own Syndicate

3 Reasons to Join's Programs

1. Unique Programs Taught by Expert Investors

We've synthesized years of experience and $ MNs of capital deployed into programs that accelerate Angel Investors in their journey.

Our flagship 'Syndicate Blueprint' Program (aka the 'Super Angel' Program) is the only one of it's kind.

2. Deal Experience & Track Record

Program alumni are invited to join's Investment Committee (IC).

Meet Founders, get deal experience, build your trackrecord.

As an IC member, you're eligible for our 'Carry Sharing' Program.

3. Global Angel Network

Get plugged into 100s of program alumni from 30 countries around the world from day 1.

Find your next deal to invest in or partner up to launch a syndicate. The possibilities are endless!

Syndicate Blueprint Program

(a.k.a. the 'Super Angel' Program). A complete roadmap for building Angel Syndicates

In just 8 weeks, you'll learn how we built a 1300+ LP network with $0 marketing.

Launch your own syndicate, write $100k checks and earn carried interest in 3 months (or less).

You'll earn carried interest as a member of's investment committee.

Venture Fundamentals Program

Essential Venture Skills in 10 hours.

For emerging angel investors, those looking for a VC career or Founders navigating fundraising. It's the ultimate growth hack for breaking into venture.

Get foundational knowledge, investment frameworks and real deal experience from a self-taught angel who's backed 2 unicorns.

Connect with an investor community around the world.

Next Cohort Begins July 2024!

Real Success Stories from our Program Alumni

Syndicate Blueprint Program

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Venture Fundamentals Program

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What is the Syndicate Blueprint Program?

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What is the Venture Fundamentals Program?

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Our Founder Story

Hi, I’m Jed, the Founder of As a Tech Operator, I built the world’s largest API Marketplace with an a16z-backed startup.

I began investing in startups in 2016. Like most angels, I staked my own capital. Despite having never worked in VC, I got my 1st exit in 2018. I also backed 2 seed-stage startups that became Unicorns ($1BN+ valuation).

People started asking “what are you investing in next?”. I began sharing my deals with other investors.

Since 2020, our investor network has grown to 1300+ organically. We’ve scaled our avg. check by 10x and invest up to $1MN into a single startup.

We’ve written the ONLY playbook for building Angel syndicates and we’d love to share it with you.

Syndicate Blueprint helps angel investors build & operate their own syndicates. In over 8 weeks, you’ll get:

Proven Methodology: Our Syndicate playbook built on real-world experience and battle-tested at scale.
Real Deal Experience: Join my investment committee (IC) upon graduation.
Earn Carry: You’re entitled to earn carry on every deal.
Get exclusive access to dealflow. Join our network of 1300+ LPs.

Building Angel Syndicates

How to build and scale your own Angel Syndicate: Lessons from a 2x seed to unicorn Angel Investor who built a 1300+ LP network

This FREE Angel Syndicate Building Guide will unlock your angel investing potential. We've taken pieces from our premium angel investor program to empower you at the start of your journey.