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Companies we’ve invested in

Companies built by amazing Founders that proudly backs.

Turing's provides pre-vetted, elite software engineers to tech companies on demand. We invested at the seed stage. The company was valued at $1.1 BN valuation in Dec 2021.
Voxeet develops proprietary high definition voice algorithms to produce immersive sound quality. The technology is embeddable into other applications using an API. The company was acquired by Dolby Labs in 2019.
GroWrk manages employee IT H/W for companies with distributed workforces- from procurement, to IT support, delivery, logistics and end-of-life disposal. Their platform is powered by a global network of service providers, giving them reach in 150+ countries with 0 physical infrastructure.
Bean is a marketplace for Specialized Accounting Services. They help CFOs augment finance and accounting teams with specialised accountants on-demand at 1/3 the cost of Big 4 firms.
MyNurse.AI is a remote patient monitoring service for US seniors. Caregivers (doctors and nurses) are assisted by an NLP powered app. Their business model is completely funded by Medicare and private insurers. They have since closed their next financing round.
MileAuto is a pay-per-mile (PPM) insurance targeting low-mileage drivers. The product saves users 25% against traditional insurance. The solution is pure software based, requiring no OBD hardware. The company has been growing 200%+ YoY in addition to expanding into new states.
Metabob is an AI-powered code analysis tool that helps identify programming bugs and provides recommended solutions. (Think of it as ‘Grammarly for software programming)
Immagnify is a ‘Google for B2B data’. Their proprietary data platform crawls and indexes data at web scale for prospecting & lead generation.
Alectio is an DataPrepOps company that uses active and inference learning to train ML models with vastly less data without sacrificing performance.
Songclip is an API for music snippets to power social, dating, gaming and other B2C apps. They have secured content rights from music labels, developed a mature tech platform, and patents to secure their use cases.
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Founder Testimonials

We’re here to support, guide, and provide network connections to accelerate your journey.

Jonathan Siddharth
Jonathan Siddharth

“Jed brings with him a wealth of venture experience and an impressive network that is incredibly useful for anyone who works with him. He's been a massive support for Turing as we've scaled from seed stage to a unicorn.”

Jennifer Prendki
Jennifer Prendki

“Angel School is the archetype of what an investor should be. When they invest, they jump on board a Founders' mission. While the funding helped us grow almost 3x, this team has always been available, dedicated and a sounding board. This contribution makes Angel School a true partner.”

Waleed Mohsen
Waleed Mohsen

“The Angel School team are among the most helpful investors I've worked with. Angel School closed two rounds of funding for us. That capital helped us 2x revenue in under 6 months. They've also connected us with some incredibly helpful people. I'd recommend him to any startup looking to raise a round.”

Carlos Escutia
Carlos Escutia

“Jed and the Angel School team have been instrumental in the early stages of GroWrk. They recognized the high potential of our technology platform to solve the most challenging equipment logistics needs of today's globally distributed companies. Access to their impressive network will be instrumental as we become the leader in the fast-growing remote equipment services market.”

Massimiliano Genta
Massimiliano Genta

“The Angel School team has been extremely instrumental to Metabob's success through their extensive network and valuable insights. I strongly believe every startup would greatly benefit from Angel School as investors.”

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