Syndicate Blueprint Program

Build a Successful Angel Syndicate in 8 weeks

The Syndicate Blueprint Program (a.k.a. the Super Angel program)

This is the ONLY program of its kind anywhere!

Get a complete roadmap and best practices for how we built and operate a 1300+ LP network with $0 marketing.

We'll set you up for success in 8 weeks so you don't waste 8 months failing.

Launch your own syndicate writing $100k+ checks in as little as 3 months.

Syndicate Blueprint Program graduates are entitled to's carry sharing program.

Cohort 1 closed 5 deals and deployed a total of $250,000 in 5 months.

Our mission is to empower emerging Angels to build, run and scale their own syndicate and invest $100k+ into their investment thesis.

3 Reasons to Join the Syndicate Blueprint Program

1. The Only Blueprint for Building Syndicates

We've distilled years of experience into a playbook that is 100% based on how we built our 1300+ LP network completely organically.

You'll get best practices in just 8 weeks so you don't spend 8 months failing.

2. Investment Committee (IC) Membership

Apply your learnings from the Syndicate Blueprint program as a member of our investment committee.

You'll build track record and get a support network of other syndicate leads as you're getting ready to launch.

3. Earn Carried Interest

IC members are fractional owners of the syndicate.

You're automatically enrolled in our 'Carry Sharing' program. Simply put, you're eligible to earn carry on every deal that we invest in.

Capital deployed per year
Deal Commitment Rate

Syndicate  Program Breakdown

In 8 weeks, you’ll learn how we built a syndicate of 1300+ LPs and invest $MNs each year.


Foundations, Processes & Deal Marketing

3 weeks
Week 1
Intro To Syndicates: Benefits and Key Dynamics
Week 2
Syndicate Setup: Tech & Process
Week 3
Deal Marketing & Qualification

LP Networks & Due Diligence

2 weeks
Week 4
Principles of LP Networks
Week 5
LP Pitching & Network Building Strategies

Syndicate Metrics & SPVs

2 weeks
Week 6
Funnel Management & Syndicate Metrics
Week 7
All About SPVs


Week 8

Hear what Syndicate Program Alumni have to say Fellows are part of our trusted inner circle. Find your next deal, or someone to partner with on your next syndicate deal. You'll have lifelong access to this community that's always growing.

Frequently Ask Questions

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What happens after the Syndicate Blueprint program?

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What are the benefits of joining the IC?

Build a Successful Angel Syndicate today. Learn our entire playbook in just 8 weeks.

Program Fee: $4,200
Includes lifetime Investment Committee (IC) membership

Our Founder Story

Hi, I’m Jed, the Founder of As a Tech Operator, I built the world’s largest API Marketplace with an a16z-backed startup.

I began investing in startups in 2016. Like most angels, I staked my own capital. Despite having never worked in VC, I got my 1st exit in 2018. I also backed 2 seed-stage startups that became Unicorns ($1BN+ valuation).

People started asking “what are you investing in next?”. I began sharing my deals with other investors.

Since 2020, our investor network has grown to 1300+ organically. We’ve scaled our avg. check by 10x and invest up to $1MN into a single startup.

We’ve written the ONLY playbook for building Angel syndicates and we’d love to share it with you.

Syndicate Blueprint helps angel investors build & operate their own syndicates. In over 8 weeks, you’ll get:

Proven Methodology: Our Syndicate playbook built on real-world experience and battle-tested at scale.
Real Deal Experience: Join my investment committee (IC) upon graduation.
Earn Carry: You’re entitled to earn carry on every deal.

More from Jed

Today, I’m backed by a network of investors that’s grown from 0 to 1000+ in 30 months. That network grows entirely on its own. As it scales, so does my ability to invest. Now, I deploy $MNs / year and expect that to double in the next year. I earn 20% carry on every syndicate- no exceptions.

I’ve never worked in PE or IB. I’ve never been a finance professional. I’ve never worked in a VC fund. If I can do it, so can any Angel with the right passion and drive.

There has never been more capital available for startups than today. What the market needs are ‘market makers’. I started Angel because I believe Angel investors and Syndicates serve that critical function. I want to empower the next generation of Angels to deploy more capital into their own ecosystems through their own syndicates.

Join our next cohort, and I’ll arm you with a Syndicate Blueprint within 8 weeks. We’ll continually invest in your development. You’ll work alongside other Angel School alumni gaining real investing experience, building your track record and even earn carry in the process.

Jed Ng
(Founder of Angel School)

Building Angel Syndicates

How to build and scale your own Angel Syndicate: Lessons from a 2x seed to unicorn Angel Investor who built a 1300+ LP network

This FREE Angel Syndicate Building Guide will unlock your angel investing potential. We've taken pieces from our premium angel investor program to empower you at the start of your journey.